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  • Jamaican Rice and Peas

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    Sep 8

    ½ lb. Red Kidney Beans

    1lb. Rice

    12 oz. Coconut Milk (not water)

    1 Stlk. Scallion (Green Onions)

    2 sprg. Thyme

    2 tblsp. Salt.

    1 tblsp. Margarine (optional)

    1 Qt. Water


    Wash peas and remove any foreign matter, if present. Wash scallion and remove only the outer layer.


    Add peas and salt to water and boil peas in a 2-quart stock pot until medium soft, on medium heat.


    The water will evaporate during the boiling process, so add more warm water to the pot.


    Here is the trick to making this rice and peas nice and shelly.

    As you may know, rice is usually cooked using a two to one ratio; two equal parts of water to one part of rice, or close to it.


    So, add the coconut milk, thyme and scallion to the cooked peas and let this combination boil for about 5 minutes, then taste the pot. Add more salt to taste.


    Now estimate the amount of water in the pot to the ratio of the rice you have. Try to get a two to one ratio or as close to it as possible.

    Add the rice to the ingredients and stir, using a fork.


    Add the margarine to the rice and peas and then reduce to a low heat. Wait until the boiling water in the pot sinks just below the top of the rice.


    Wet a piece of cellophane and cover the rice then cover the pot with the pot cover. Simmer until rice is soft and shelly.

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