Crazy Jamaica Zooming in on Jamaica
  • Great Jamaican vacation-affordable accommodation and fun activities

    Are you looking for a place to go on a vacation ? Whether with the family or a Croydon in the Mountainsromantic getaway , look no further. Jamaica is one of the world’s favourite vacation spots because of its breathtaking attractions ,beaches ,food,night life and warm people.

     Accommodation in Jamaica is very easy to find and there are various hotels,villas,houses,apartment to suite your needs and your budget. There are many all inclusive hotels with great food and activities and there are many low cost accommodations where you can have a comfortable rest and be off the next morning for fun activities,like this one and two bedroom apt. complex seven miles from Montego Bay and on the way to Negril.

    Activities,Tours,sightseeing activities are very exciting and gives you the opportunity to see a lot more than you would normally see. Jamaica is rich in culture and there are many stories to be told and to things be seen.The people are friendly and always eager to share about the Jamaican culture and history Jamaicans like to see visitors have fun and sample the Jamaican foods.

    Jamaican beaches are rated among the best in the world.There is the Wold famous seven mile of pure white sand beach in Negril,The Doctors cave beach in Montego Bay,The popular Dunn;s River Falls  and many more. Your vacation cannot be complete without a day of two at the beach,soaking in some sun and enjoying the crystal clear water.

    While on a Jamaica vacation you must sample the Jerk chicken or the Jerk Pork, Have  coconut water from the shell, go to the beach ,talk to the natives about the culture and you must enjoy some reggae music .Jamaica is the place you go and everything is ” IRIE MON ”

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