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    Crazy Jamaica is a website that covers many different topics about Jamaica,

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    Jamaica is a very laid back Island In the Caribbean, where the atmosphere is fun in the sun.This third world country is a very popular vacation destination because of the many vacation spots ,beautiful beaches,Food and warm smiling people.Once you land on this small piece of Paradise ,it becomes a NO PROBLEM and IRIE environment.
    Accommodation on the Island ranges in price ,from very low $20’s to very luxurious hotels and villas.Wherever visitors or returning residents decide to stay,they can rest assure there are lots of fun activities to keep them entertained and happy.


    Ten fun facts about Jamaica


    Fact 1:

    Jamaica is the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean.

    Fact 2:
    Jamaica is the first Caribbean Country to gain Independence.

    Fact 3:
    Rum is the national drink of Jamaica.

    Fact 4:
    Ian Fleming designed and built his home, “Goldeneye”, in Jamaica and wrote ten of his James Bond novels there.

    Fact 5:
    The Blue Mountains in Jamaica are named for the mists that often cover them, which look blue from a distance.

    Fact 6:
    Jamaica was the first tropical country to enter the Winter Olympics.

    Fact 7:
    The national dish of Jamaica is Ackee and Saltfish.

    Fact 8:
    Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean.

    Fact 9:
    Jamaica was the first commercial producer of bananas in the Western Hemisphere.

    Fact 10:
    Apart from the United States, Jamaica has won the most world and olympic medals.


    Herbs are a very interesting and important part of Jamaica’s culture and Heritage.This website tells a lot about the many potent and great herbs that are available on the Beautiful Island of Jamaica.The Herbs we speak about on this site is packaged by  These herbs are grown under natural conditions in tropical climate with perfect temperatures.They are nurtured by the abundance of sunshine and natural rainfall.Purelife Jamaican Herbs are never exposed to chemicals and pesticides, are grown out in the wild on the most potent and rich soil, so there is never the need for dangerous fertilizers.

                          Purelife Jamaican Herbs are harvested early morning to maintain nutrients and valuable components for healing, then dried to preserve freshness and to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.They are processed and packed in sterile conditions in a certified plant with the consumers in mind.

                           We have list on our website over 80 Herbs and their medicinal benefits .Jamaicans are a very health conscious group of people and like to ”take care of themselves” on a regular basis , with the many herbs ,vegetables and fruits that are available on our amazing Island. You can say Health is a major part in the daily lives of many Jamaicans.For this reason a great part of this website is dedicated to Health.



    A very important part of our lives. We hold very close to our hearts:








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