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  • Jamaican sorrel-Sponsored by Jamaica’s Top Manufacturer of Sorrel Drink, Island Breeze Ltd.

    For most people from the Caribbean, Christmas isn’t the same without a tall glass of sorrel drink to quench your holiday thirst! And if you want to pack a punch, add some white rum, pimento, ginger and port wine (optional). You’ll have yourself a party pleaser!

    But sorrel isn’t just a drink of choice for many Caribbeans at Christmas time. It’s also good for you.

    A glass of sorrel a day will keep the doctor away!

    Research confirms that Jamaican Sorrel is high in Vitamins and Minerals with powerful antioxidant properties. It helps lower elevated blood pressure, bad cholesterol and detoxify the entire body. Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) is a measure of total hydrophilic capacity. In fact, eating high ORAC foods such as Jamaican Sorrel can significantly raise the antioxidant power of human blood. It has a ORAC rating which is higher than vegetable juice, tomato juice and orange juice; and compares favorably to Cranberry Juice and Pomegranate Juice, which is well known for its antioxidant properties.

    The antioxidant properties in sorrel helps provide our bodies with protection against free radicals, molecules which cause heart disease, stroke, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, premature aging and cancer. Sorrel also helps flush the prostate and maintains the proper functioning of the liver, kidney and bladder.

    The medical value of sorrel (officially called the Rosella plant, or Hibiscus Sabdariffa) has been noted in studies from various countries (Brazil, China, Cuba, India, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States). Medical studies illustrate Sorrel’s ability to improve quality of life by helping to maintain the health and wellness of the entire body.


    Sorrel contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, niacin, riboflavin and a group of compounds called FLAVONOIDS which not only give its deep red colour but are now being recognized as a powerful antioxidant which scavenges the body of free radicals that can cause deadly diseases if they are not removed from the body.

    It is also believed that the FLAVONOIDS present in sorrel may be a useful deterrent against certain types of cancer and help to enhance the body’s immune system in general. Recent studies conducted by the Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica, revealed that sorrel could kill certain types of cancer cells. Sorrel tea is consumed in many countries such as the Sudan, Senegal and Egypt on a daily basis and researchers in Mexico have reported a significant reduction in the triglyceride levels of persons who consume sorrel. Elevated levels of triglycerides are associated with heart disease.

    Scientists from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) proved that ‘sorrel water’ significantly decreases cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood and contributes to protection against heart diseases. As a preventative measure in heart diseases it is a good habit to consume sorrel water daily to decrease the risk of heart disease. It helps to prevent the clogging of arteries resulting from excessive levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Sorrel has also been recognized for its diuretic properties and as an aid to weight loss.

    sources: SRC- Jamaica.

    Crazy Jamaica’s main sponsor is -Island Breeze Ltd. They are Jamaica’s main manufacturer of Sorrel drink . Island Breeze Sorrel drink does not have to be refrigerated until they are opened and they are shipped worldwide.These sorrel drink are bottled in 15 oz. bottles and specially formulated and bottled to taste fresh and just like homemade sorrel.Island Breeze Ltd. are seeking distributors worldwide and anyone interested in becoming distributors can contact them at 1-876-758-0158 or contact us

    Next time you are in Jamaica.feel free to contact crazy Jamaica at 8 E ASHENHIEM  RD.Kingston 11 or call 1-876-828-0001 to take home a case or two to enjoy.Although sorrel is mostly a Christmas drink.Island Breeze Ltd. Can have it throughout the year.depending on the quantity you need.

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  • Where can I buy Jamaican herbs ?Soursop leaves,Guinea Hen weed and other Jamaican herbs

    Where can I buy Jamaican herbs like guinea hen ween,Soursop leaves,cerasee ,Aralia,Stamina tonic blend,fallopian tube blend and many more authentic Jamaican herbs,which have been grown in great condition.Well look no further. Crazy Jamaica now have for sale Purelife Jamaican herbs ,the  Jamaican herbs that people have been searching for.Shop here online for our PRODUCTS

    WE SHIP TO: ALL LOCATIONS IN THE U.S.A,CANADA AND EUROPE.For all other locations please email us at




    Soursop Leaves/Graviola Tea(ginger) 20 bags
    Soursop Leaves/Graviola Tea(20 bags)
    Guinea Hen Weed/Anamu Tea -(20 bags)
    Guinea Hen Weed/Anamu Tea(Ginger) -20 bags







  • Great Jamaican vacation-affordable accommodation and fun activities

    Are you looking for a place to go on a vacation ? Whether with the family or a Croydon in the Mountainsromantic getaway , look no further. Jamaica is one of the world’s favourite vacation spots because of its breathtaking attractions ,beaches ,food,night life and warm people.

     Accommodation in Jamaica is very easy to find and there are various hotels,villas,houses,apartment to suite your needs and your budget. There are many all inclusive hotels with great food and activities and there are many low cost accommodations where you can have a comfortable rest and be off the next morning for fun activities,like this one and two bedroom apt. complex seven miles from Montego Bay and on the way to Negril.

    Activities,Tours,sightseeing activities are very exciting and gives you the opportunity to see a lot more than you would normally see. Jamaica is rich in culture and there are many stories to be told and to things be seen.The people are friendly and always eager to share about the Jamaican culture and history Jamaicans like to see visitors have fun and sample the Jamaican foods.

    Jamaican beaches are rated among the best in the world.There is the Wold famous seven mile of pure white sand beach in Negril,The Doctors cave beach in Montego Bay,The popular Dunn;s River Falls  and many more. Your vacation cannot be complete without a day of two at the beach,soaking in some sun and enjoying the crystal clear water.

    While on a Jamaica vacation you must sample the Jerk chicken or the Jerk Pork, Have  coconut water from the shell, go to the beach ,talk to the natives about the culture and you must enjoy some reggae music .Jamaica is the place you go and everything is ” IRIE MON ”

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  • JAMAICAN ACCOMMODATIONS-Best places to stay on your Jamaica vacation


    Relaxing Getaway At Seaside Villa Photo #1 Relaxing Getaway At Seaside Villa
    Seaside Villa has 7 bedroom’s each with there own bathroom all ajoining a fresh water pool , just steps from the beach.Great rates & deals!>> Click For Details & Pictures
    Relaxing Getaway At Seaside Villa Photo #2Relaxing Getaway At Seaside Villa Photo #3Relaxing Getaway At Seaside Villa The BeachRelaxing Getaway At Seaside Villa Sunset

    RealAdventures | Treasure Beach, Jamaica Bed & Breakfasts | Jamaica Bed & Breakfasts | Jamaica Vacations | Bed & Breakfasts | Treasure Beach, Jamaica



    Rooms for rent in Montego Bay, Jamaica.15 Bdr Living room Rooms for rent in Montego Bay, Jamaica.15 Bdr
    15 bedroom Villa (air-conditioned)
    US$60 per night
    Starting at US $60 Per Night>> Click For Details & Pictures
    Rooms for rent in Montego Bay, Jamaica.15 Bdr Front BedroomRooms for rent in Montego Bay, Jamaica.15 Bdr BedroomRooms for rent in Montego Bay, Jamaica.15 Bdr KitchenRooms for rent in Montego Bay, Jamaica.15 Bdr Front view of the house

    RealAdventures | Montego Bay, Jamaica Vacation Rentals | Jamaica Vacation Rentals | Jamaica Vacations | Vacation Rentals | Montego Bay, Jamaica

    Nirvana On The Beach, Negril Jamaica Nirvana beachfront Nirvana On The Beach, Negril Jamaica
    Central location directly on Negril Beach with a unique beach front setting, Nirvana is the perfect spot for your trip to Negril Jamaica.It is a terrific value, you can rent one unit, several or the whole property for family reunions or weddings.Starting at US $195 Per Night>> Click For Details & Pictures
    Nirvana On The Beach, Negril Jamaica sunset on the beachNirvana On The Beach, Negril Jamaica NIRVANA gateNirvana On The Beach, Negril Jamaica Villa outsideNirvana On The Beach, Negril Jamaica Villa Veranda

    RealAdventures | Negril, Jamaica Vacation Rentals | Jamaica Vacation Rentals | Jamaica Vacations | Vacation Rentals | Negril, Jamaica

    A Home From Home at Villa Sunshine del Costa Villa Sunshine del Costa  front view A Home From Home at Villa Sunshine del Costa
    Independent apartments and family room within a villa.Located on ground and first floors.Kitchens only in apartments. Overlooking 2 parks and a private lake.Suitable for long or short stay,the elderly or beach,shops,and main roadStarting at US $50 Per Couple>> Click For Details & Pictures
    A Home From Home at Villa Sunshine del Costa Photo #2A Home From Home at Villa Sunshine del Costa Photo #3A Home From Home at Villa Sunshine del Costa Photo #4A Home From Home at Villa Sunshine del Costa Photo #5

    RealAdventures | Tower Isle nr.Ocho Rios, Jamaica Vacation Rentals | Jamaica Vacation Rentals | Jamaica Vacations | Vacation Rentals | Tower Isle nr.Ocho Rios, Jamaica

    Beach House Villas Beach House Beach House Villas
    Stay in a Villa for LESS $$ than a Hotel. On Jamaica’s western tip lies a beautiful and magical place, Negril. The Beach House Villas have fabulous views of the Caribbean. Any closer to the water’s edge and you’d be swimming in the turquoise water.Starting at US $154 Per Night/Room>> Click For Details & Pictures
    Beach House Villas Jungle HouseBeach House Villas Penthouse BedroomBeach House Villas Beach House Sunset ViewBeach House Villas Beach House Patio View

    RealAdventures | Negril, Jamaica Hotels & Resorts | Jamaica Hotels & Resorts | Jamaica Vacations | Hotels & Resorts | Negril, Jamaica

    Luxury 5* villa on golf course by sea sleeps 10 Photo #1 Luxury 5* villa on golf course by sea sleeps 10
    scuba diving, snorkelling, white river rafting, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins and much more…..
    Stay at our luxury villa within walking distance to your own private beach!!
    Breakfast and Diner served on the veranda by your private pool
    Starting at US $571 Per Night>> Click For Details & Pictures
    Luxury 5* villa on golf course by sea sleeps 10 Photo #2Luxury 5* villa on golf course by sea sleeps 10 Photo #3Luxury 5* villa on golf course by sea sleeps 10 Photo #4Luxury 5* villa on golf course by sea sleeps 10 Photo #5

    RealAdventures | Runaway Bay, Jamaica Vacation Rentals | Jamaica Vacation Rentals | Jamaica Vacations | Vacation Rentals | Runaway Bay, Jamaica  





    The Perfect Romantic Getaway

    We have a list of over 40 activities and tours that you can enjoy on your vacation.These activities  allow you to see Jamaica inside out.The various tours are fun packed and great for the entire family FIND THEM HERE


  • Fight breast cancer and prostate cancer with Herbs-courtesy of Purelife Jamaican herbs

    October is breast cancer month and a lot of emphasis has been places on breast health issues. It is a major concern among women each year ,when it is time to do checks to find out if they have breast cancer,whether they eat healthy or not.This is just an uncomfortable time in every woman’s life to wait for that result.It is clear though that early detection is much better than one that is detected late in this disease.

    It is also very important to try in every way possible to prevent this disease. Prevention is very much possible in most cases.Some foods used in preventing breast cancer are very much the foods we see every day and can have them on a regular basis.

    Prostate cancer is also a huge concern among men and often gets diagnosed when it is far gone. Early detection of this disease is also critical. This test is really very simple,yet avoided so often.

    SEAWEEDS – Seaweeds are rich in iodine. Breast cancer has been linked iodine deficiency .Herbs rich in iodine are sea weed, kelp and irish moss .These are natures richest most bio available source of  organic iodine.Seaweeds are also an excellent source of calcium and potassium and are rich in minerals. They help in the removal of radioactive and toxic heavy minerals.

    CABBAGE, BROCCLI, BRUSSEL SPROUTS,- All have INDOLE 3 CARBINOL, which helps to fight against and prevent breast and prostate cancer.

    Indole-3-Carbinol Stops Cancer

    Friday, December 12, 2008  –  Byron Richards, CCN

    Indole-3-carbinol, a compound found in cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, brussels sprouts, and cabbage) and dietary supplements, has been found to modify a key enzyme involved with the spreading of cancer, especially breast and prostate cancer.

    Researchers have known for some time the Indole-3-carbinol reduces cancer cell growth, disrupts cancer cell migration, and weakens cancer cells.  This is especially true in hormone-related cancers, which is why Indole-3-carbinol is currently in human clinical trials for breast and prostate cancer.

    The new discovery may have pinpointed the key mechanism behind all these previous cancer-suppressing activities.  Researchers found that Indole 3 carbinol modulates an enzyme called elastase, in turn changing a gene signaling switch called cyclin E.  During cancer cyclin E takes on a shorter form, which causes cancer cells to reproduce very rapidly.  Indole-3-carbinol blocks elastase from changing cyclin E into its cancer-generating form.  The researchers showed this arrested the development of breast cancer cells.  This is the first time a precise biological mechanism for Indole-3-carbinol has been identified, and is considered a major discovery in the war on cancer.

    GET AN ALKALINE BODY -with Fruits and Veggies

    Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body.Everyone knows that it is important to include plenty of fruit and vegetables in the diet. Most nutritionists recommend including five servings of vegetables per day, but if you are really serious about natural prevention of breast and prostate cancer, you need to push that number up to nine. A great deal of research has shown that fruits and vegetables are jam-packed with phytochemicals, which help fight cancer.

    In addition, it is important to mix up the fruit and vegetables you include in your diet. Every day, you should include something from each of these groups in your diet:

    1) Lycopene-rich produce, such as red grapefruit, tomatoes, guava, and watermelon

    2) Cruciferous veggies, such as broccoli sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower

    3) Citrus fruits, such as grapefruit and oranges

    4) Beta-carotene-rich foods, such as carrots, winter squash, and sweet potatoes

    5) Berries, such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries

    6) Dark green and leafy vegetables, such as romaine, spinach, collards, kale,  Swiss chard  and  Callaloo .



    Remember, getting more fruit and vegetables into your diet does not happen on accident. You need to plan ahead and try to include more than five servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet each day.Purelife super green food is very convenient and packed with lots of dark leafy green organic vegetable powders ,that are packed with everything you need for a healthy life.READ MORE…


    SOURSOP LEAVES -is a Jamaican herb that has gotten a lot of attention in the cancer department. It has been used by many and many have seen favourable results in the fight against breast cancer and other cancers.The soursop leaves are used as a hot beverage with breakfast on a daily basis.

    GUINEA HEN WEEDAnother miracle herb used a lot by Jamaicans to prevent and cure breast, prostate  and other cancers ,has gotten very positive reviews.An extensive research is being carried out on the international level with the guinea hen weed in the cure for various cancers.

         DETOXING THE BODY is extremely important on a regular basis. Fat is stored in the breast and toxins are stored in fat.Toxin build up aids in the formation of cancer cells ,therefore regular detoxing does help to prevent breast cancers and other types of cancers.Detoxing is done most effectively with herbs and there are many Jamaican herbs for this purpose LISTED HERE.


    It is important to eat right ,exercise and drink lots of water to have the body at a balanced PH level. Cancer cannot thrive in a neutral environment .Whenever the body becomes acidic then we become at risk. Foods like sodas,sugar,junk foods and alcohol takes the body in an acidic state. Foods like the ones listed above, natural fruits and vegetable  helps the body to become neutralized and healthy.

    Ladies let us be smart and fight against this disease by staying healthy with the right foods and Herbs.













    Guinea Hen Weed


                       Jamaican herbs have been tried and proven by many and there has been numerous favourable results.The treating of illnesses and preventing illnesses with herbs have been around for decades.There are many Jamaican herbs and they are used and work as remedies for different conditions.Some of these herbs are cerasee-used for blood cleansing ,guinea hen weed also used as a blood cleanse ,but recently has moved into the hall of fame along side the soursop leaf  as herbs that are effective with some cancers read about it here..  There are some herbs used to clear the fallopian tubes ,like  medina, vervain, dog blood and others.  Some of the more  popular herbs , are the ones used for stamina or energy which is said to enable a more vibrant sex life.  These herbs include strong back, medina and irish moss.

                     Our section on Jamaican herbs and their medicinal uses have a comprehensive list of popular Jamaican herbs,They range form TUNA LEAVES for weight loss and hair conditioner, MINT for an upset stomach, periwinkle and leaf of life for menstrual cramps.SEE THEM ALL HERE…Many of these Jamaican herbs are available at our Crazyjamaica store .The brand we carry is” Purelife Jamaican herbs ” . These Jamaican herbs are grown without pesticides and any form of chemicals and have been dried to preserve the freshness and potency . Jamaican herbs are used for other purposes.Herbal baths are very common to lower temperature during a fever,it is also used for skin disorders and to aid in relaxation.Herbs like tamerind leaves and chamomile are used for herbal baths. Herbs like tuna leaves and nettles are strongly advised for washing and conditioning the hair. Jamaican herbs are also used for cooking.Some of these used in Jamaican recipes are thyme,pimento (seeds and leaves) and cinnamon. Herbs have become such an important part in the lives of most Jamaicans and are never taken for granted.Jamaican herbs are regarded as a part of the culture and are used on a regular basis,regardless of where Jamaicans reside all over the world.

    Detox 3 Step Pack

    PURELIFE HERBS ULTIMATE DETOX SYSTEM:is a 3 part detox system that has natural herbs to cleanse the system and vegetable powder to restore and rejuvenate the cells.Part 1 is a cleanse that has a combination of herbs for the liver and the kidneys.The Liver and kidneys should be first cleansed ,rejuvenated and ready to do the hard work of taking all the built up toxins from the blood and various parts of the body. If the liver and kidneys are not first cleansed ,they are not able to do an effective job and therefore the detox process would not be complete.


    Part 1 of the Purelife Herbs Cleanse contains the following.
    Milk ThistleMilk thistle is said to help protein synthesis in the liver. Milk thistle may protect the liver against toxicity from medications known to cause liver problems, alcohol and other drugs. Some herbalists use the herb to treat liver damage from hepatitis, long-term alcohol use and industrial toxins.Milk thistle may be taken as a tea or in capsule form.Dandelion
    The dandelion root is a blood and kidney cleaner and tonic, as well as a diuretic. It is of benefit to the stomach and intestines, balancing the enzymes that benefit digestion. It is known to enhance the function of the liver.
    Cascara Sagrada
    Cascara Sagrada contains oils that aid in the movements that cause us to excrete stools. Its stimulating action affects the liver,stomach and pancreas.

    Part 2 of the Purelife Herbs Cleanse contains the following.
    Neem, Guinea Hen Weed,Moringa Leaves and a combination of other herbs to gently cleanse the colon,blood and arteries, from all the toxins caused from drinking ,smoking,chemicals,fats,acidic foods,toxic water,polluted air we breathe in,medication etc.
    This cleanse pulls the toxic build up from out of the blood and cells before they accumulate and cause diseases and illnesses.Detoxing can also reverse some diseases and illnesses.
    Part 3 of the Purelife Herbs Cleanse contains the following.

    Moringa powder,flax seed,Organic Barley Grass powder,Organic wheat grass powder,organic spirulina powder,organic spinach powder,Organic Alfalfa leaf powder,Organic Kelp powder,Organic Acia Berry powder,Org. Noni Fruit powder,Mangosteen powder,Maca root powder,Dandelion leaf root powder,wheat grass juice powder,Sea buckthorn powder,pomegranate juice powder,Goji Berry powder.
    These powders combined, are packed with a huge amount of anti-oxidant ,flavonoids and nutrients the body needs to provide energy and great health.After cleansing the cells, Part 3 of the cleanse ,rejuvenates and restores.
    For Optimum health ,Part 3 can be taken everyday of your life.It maintains the cells and keeps them clean .These powders are all from organic dark green leafy vegetables and very potent fruits, rich in anti-oxidants to get rid of free radicals that causes illness.
    What to avoid during detox:
    Acidic foods, some of which are : sodas,sugar,processed foods,white rice,white flour,red meat,dairy foods,reg. pipe water.
    Eat lots of vegetable and fruits,nuts,drink lots of purified water, green tea,eat organic chicken ,turkey,brown rice,tuna, and natural food.
    Take walks.
    In the first few days there might be symptoms that are not very comfortable.some symptoms you might experience.
    Bumps or Boils
    Odors form the body
    Odor on the breath
    Pail skin
    white on the tongue
    itching of the skin
    These symptoms are from the toxins leaving the body and should disappear within days.By the end of the detox, you should notice a difference in skin tone. Some things you will notice:
    More energy
    Skin clear and looking younger
    Pleasant Odor from breath and Body
    Tongue gets pink and clean
    Healthier appearance
    Healthier feeling
    Weight Loss.
    Day 1 and 2
    Boil 2 cups of water in pot and add 2 tbs. Part 1. Leave on low flame for two minutes ,then turn stove off and let simmer for app. 5 minutes.Drink one cup on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and then one cup midday and third cup before bed.
    Day 3 -6
    Boil 2 cups water in pot and add 2 tbs Part 2 .Leave on low flame for two minutes ,then turn stove off and let simmer for app. 5 minutes.Drink one cup on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and then one cup midday and third cup before bed.
    Day 7-8
    Boil 2 cups of water in pot and add 2 tbs. Part 1. Leave on low flame for two minutes ,then turn stove off and let simmer for app. 5 minutes.Drink one cup on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and then one cup midday and third cup before bed.
    b)Add 1 tsp Part 3 to Natural juice ,water ,yogurt or smoothie once each day(preferably early morning)
    Part 3 can be continued as long as you desire great health.
    Detox and enjoy great health and energy………………




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