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    Oct 1

                       Jamaican herbs have been tried and proven by many and there has been numerous favourable results.The treating of illnesses and preventing illnesses with herbs have been around for decades.There are many Jamaican herbs and they are used and work as remedies for different conditions.Some of these herbs are cerasee-used for blood cleansing ,guinea hen weed also used as a blood cleanse ,but recently has moved into the hall of fame along side the soursop leaf  as herbs that are effective with some cancers read about it here..  There are some herbs used to clear the fallopian tubes ,like  medina, vervain, dog blood and others.  Some of the more  popular herbs , are the ones used for stamina or energy which is said to enable a more vibrant sex life.  These herbs include strong back, medina and irish moss.

                     Our section on Jamaican herbs and their medicinal uses have a comprehensive list of popular Jamaican herbs,They range form TUNA LEAVES for weight loss and hair conditioner, MINT for an upset stomach, periwinkle and leaf of life for menstrual cramps.SEE THEM ALL HERE…Many of these Jamaican herbs are available at our Crazyjamaica store .The brand we carry is” Purelife Jamaican herbs ” . These Jamaican herbs are grown without pesticides and any form of chemicals and have been dried to preserve the freshness and potency . Jamaican herbs are used for other purposes.Herbal baths are very common to lower temperature during a fever,it is also used for skin disorders and to aid in relaxation.Herbs like tamerind leaves and chamomile are used for herbal baths. Herbs like tuna leaves and nettles are strongly advised for washing and conditioning the hair. Jamaican herbs are also used for cooking.Some of these used in Jamaican recipes are thyme,pimento (seeds and leaves) and cinnamon. Herbs have become such an important part in the lives of most Jamaicans and are never taken for granted.Jamaican herbs are regarded as a part of the culture and are used on a regular basis,regardless of where Jamaicans reside all over the world.

    Detox 3 Step Pack

    PURELIFE HERBS ULTIMATE DETOX SYSTEM:is a 3 part detox system that has natural herbs to cleanse the system and vegetable powder to restore and rejuvenate the cells.Part 1 is a cleanse that has a combination of herbs for the liver and the kidneys.The Liver and kidneys should be first cleansed ,rejuvenated and ready to do the hard work of taking all the built up toxins from the blood and various parts of the body. If the liver and kidneys are not first cleansed ,they are not able to do an effective job and therefore the detox process would not be complete.


    Part 1 of the Purelife Herbs Cleanse contains the following.
    Milk ThistleMilk thistle is said to help protein synthesis in the liver. Milk thistle may protect the liver against toxicity from medications known to cause liver problems, alcohol and other drugs. Some herbalists use the herb to treat liver damage from hepatitis, long-term alcohol use and industrial toxins.Milk thistle may be taken as a tea or in capsule form.Dandelion
    The dandelion root is a blood and kidney cleaner and tonic, as well as a diuretic. It is of benefit to the stomach and intestines, balancing the enzymes that benefit digestion. It is known to enhance the function of the liver.
    Cascara Sagrada
    Cascara Sagrada contains oils that aid in the movements that cause us to excrete stools. Its stimulating action affects the liver,stomach and pancreas.

    Part 2 of the Purelife Herbs Cleanse contains the following.
    Neem, Guinea Hen Weed,Moringa Leaves and a combination of other herbs to gently cleanse the colon,blood and arteries, from all the toxins caused from drinking ,smoking,chemicals,fats,acidic foods,toxic water,polluted air we breathe in,medication etc.
    This cleanse pulls the toxic build up from out of the blood and cells before they accumulate and cause diseases and illnesses.Detoxing can also reverse some diseases and illnesses.
    Part 3 of the Purelife Herbs Cleanse contains the following.

    Moringa powder,flax seed,Organic Barley Grass powder,Organic wheat grass powder,organic spirulina powder,organic spinach powder,Organic Alfalfa leaf powder,Organic Kelp powder,Organic Acia Berry powder,Org. Noni Fruit powder,Mangosteen powder,Maca root powder,Dandelion leaf root powder,wheat grass juice powder,Sea buckthorn powder,pomegranate juice powder,Goji Berry powder.
    These powders combined, are packed with a huge amount of anti-oxidant ,flavonoids and nutrients the body needs to provide energy and great health.After cleansing the cells, Part 3 of the cleanse ,rejuvenates and restores.
    For Optimum health ,Part 3 can be taken everyday of your life.It maintains the cells and keeps them clean .These powders are all from organic dark green leafy vegetables and very potent fruits, rich in anti-oxidants to get rid of free radicals that causes illness.
    What to avoid during detox:
    Acidic foods, some of which are : sodas,sugar,processed foods,white rice,white flour,red meat,dairy foods,reg. pipe water.
    Eat lots of vegetable and fruits,nuts,drink lots of purified water, green tea,eat organic chicken ,turkey,brown rice,tuna, and natural food.
    Take walks.
    In the first few days there might be symptoms that are not very comfortable.some symptoms you might experience.
    Bumps or Boils
    Odors form the body
    Odor on the breath
    Pail skin
    white on the tongue
    itching of the skin
    These symptoms are from the toxins leaving the body and should disappear within days.By the end of the detox, you should notice a difference in skin tone. Some things you will notice:
    More energy
    Skin clear and looking younger
    Pleasant Odor from breath and Body
    Tongue gets pink and clean
    Healthier appearance
    Healthier feeling
    Weight Loss.
    Day 1 and 2
    Boil 2 cups of water in pot and add 2 tbs. Part 1. Leave on low flame for two minutes ,then turn stove off and let simmer for app. 5 minutes.Drink one cup on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and then one cup midday and third cup before bed.
    Day 3 -6
    Boil 2 cups water in pot and add 2 tbs Part 2 .Leave on low flame for two minutes ,then turn stove off and let simmer for app. 5 minutes.Drink one cup on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and then one cup midday and third cup before bed.
    Day 7-8
    Boil 2 cups of water in pot and add 2 tbs. Part 1. Leave on low flame for two minutes ,then turn stove off and let simmer for app. 5 minutes.Drink one cup on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and then one cup midday and third cup before bed.
    b)Add 1 tsp Part 3 to Natural juice ,water ,yogurt or smoothie once each day(preferably early morning)
    Part 3 can be continued as long as you desire great health.
    Detox and enjoy great health and energy………………




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