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  • Where can I buy Jamaican herbs ?Soursop leaves,Guinea Hen weed and other Jamaican herbs

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    Oct 21

    Where can I buy Jamaican herbs like guinea hen ween,Soursop leaves,cerasee ,Aralia,Stamina tonic blend,fallopian tube blend and many more authentic Jamaican herbs,which have been grown in great condition.Well look no further. Crazy Jamaica now have for sale Purelife Jamaican herbs ,the  Jamaican herbs that people have been searching for.Shop here online for our PRODUCTS

    WE SHIP TO: ALL LOCATIONS IN THE U.S.A,CANADA AND EUROPE.For all other locations please email us at




    Soursop Leaves/Graviola Tea(ginger) 20 bags
    Soursop Leaves/Graviola Tea(20 bags)
    Guinea Hen Weed/Anamu Tea -(20 bags)
    Guinea Hen Weed/Anamu Tea(Ginger) -20 bags







20 Responses to “Where can I buy Jamaican herbs ?Soursop leaves,Guinea Hen weed and other Jamaican herbs”

  1. Vivia Shanks said on

    Where can i purchase ginea hen weed and soursop leaves here in Atlanta, GA?

  2. Hi,

    You can purchase guinea hen weed and soursop leaves here at . We ship so you will get products within two to four days.

  3. bunny barrett said on

    i am in orlando florida kissimmee do u have an outlet that sells jamaican herbs please let me know. i am jamaican living here for some time not knowing where to get them also would like to get ur list of herbs pls respond

  4. CJamaica said on

    Hi Bunny, Here is the list of over 80 herbs listed on Crazyjamaica We do not have all of them for sale now ,but if you are interested in any we do not carry we can get them for you. You might also find this section helpful finding the herbs for various illnesses If you happen to go to any Jamaican store or Caribbean store close by you can either give them this tel. number to call or send us their information. Purelife Herbs is looking distributors all over in communities to sell Herbs, as many people are having the same concerns you are having.

  5. Stephanie said on

    I am starting a website in a couple weeks. I would be happy to sell your herbs on my site. As a Jamaican I am familiar with most of the herbs.

  6. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for your interest in selling Purelife Herbs on your website. Purelife herbs carry a wide range of very potent herbs which are prepared and packaged in a sterile Factory .I have sent you an email and we can discuss the necessary procedure to go forward.

  7. where in the uk can i buy the guinea hen weed

  8. I am 52 yrs and i would like to go back to school to do my nursing but i cat remember any thing i would like to get some kind of herbs to help me to think and remember i think it is my nerves thank you.

  9. Hi Marjorie,

    I will always recommend the moringa herb. It is a miraculous herb.It does wonders for the body and will do all you asked. Definitely take the powder instead of the tea to ensure no medicinal value is destroyed.

  10. Hi,
    Iam from Uk and I cant buy any items bcs is showing that u not shipping to this address,but is showing cost of shipping to uk 15 dollars, Can u pls tell me why?


  12. Hello where can i buy soursoup leaves tea here in united kingdom?

  13. Hello dio you have here in uk soursop leaves tea?

  14. We ship to the U.K.

  15. DWilson said on


    My sister is been diagnosed with cancer, i’ve been told that Guinea Hen Weed is the best herb out there for cancer?? Is this true can you recommend any other?

  16. Sorry to hear about your sister’s diagnosis.There are different herbs that are helpful to various cancers. You might want to read up on soursop leaves.

    All the best.

  17. Sally Burnes said on

    Please could you contact me concerning Guinea Hen Weed, thankyou.

  18. Our tel no. is 954-380-9679

  19. CoachTY said on

    Hi, I live in Canada and run an exercise studio and wellness centre,
    is it possible to carry your line of product here. Have you experienced any problems with the customs in regard to the products sent to Canada.

  20. You may contact us at 954-380-9679

    No we have never had any problems sending to Canada.

    Purelife Herbs

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