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    My name is Marie  Malcolm I am a Jamaican who migrated to the U.S in 2000 then returned home in 2008 as a manufacturer. I have been a business woman since 1986.I have studied in the field of business, nursing and natural medicine. I have a great love for my country Jamaica , and firmly believe that Jamaicans are extra-ordinary people.I believe with all my heart that Jamaica is the most beautiful place on earth and if it had been discovered the way it should, the airports would have an overflow !!


    My deepest passion apart from my family is nutrition, health and the study of herbs.I was born in a family of midwives and healthcare providers.My great-grandmother delivered every single baby in her community and all were born in great health.My grandmother took over when she could no longer carry on and did just as well. My Grand- uncle was the community Herbalist and practiced for many years.His knowledge passed from generation to generation. As a young person I experienced many cures that came about from the use of herbs. I myself can attest to the fallopian tube herbs,vegetable juicing and the detox herbs and this did set me on a path to do quite a bit of studies in this area.


    After discovering that people can avoid most of the illnesses they suffer,I developed a passion to help others see the great healing benefits that herbs have to offer.Herbs are nature’s Pharmacy outside our doors !!


    I hope you will enjoy my beautiful country and the herbs that are naturally grown there.


    yours Truly

    Marie Malcolm



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