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    Sep 1

    detox. An effective detox with herbs will help to flush out the toxins that holds  fat in the cells and will help rejuvenate the liver so that it can get rid of unwanted toxins and wastes, much faster. When the liver gets rid of the unwanted fats and toxins, this helps to boost  metabolism in the body.


    2)        A   Daily drink of  tuna leaf soaked in water is a charm ! Tuna leaf  is said to be very effective in pulling fat from the body and also very effective in getting rid of fat from the body. There also is available THE TUNA POWDER in pack.


    3)           Instead of having a cold beverage with your meal ,always have a cup of hot herbal tea. This practice works hand in hand with the body’s metabolism.


    4)      Drink plenty of Green tea in between meals. Green Tea, which contains EGCG and high levels of polyphenols, acts to boost metabolism and increase your body’s calorie burning efficiency. When taken as a beverage, do not add sugar, as this will negate the green tea’s metabolism-boosting effects.

    5)    Adding ground flax seed to your meals will provide a lot of fiber and an awesome way in getting rid of fat from the body.


    6)Dandelion root has been used for centuries . It can boost metabolism, aid digestion and also makes a great hangover cure.


    7)Senna is one of the medicinal herbs that are used in a majority of weight loss mixtures. It is known for its unprecedented laxative and detox properties.


    8)  A daily  vegetable juice done with  your juicer ,using  an apple as sweetener, will flush fat and chemicals from the cells in your body .Herbs such as wheat grass,parsley,ginger,garlic should be added.





    9)Fennel –  Is an appetite suppressant .

    10)MORINGA-A miracle herb excellent for weight loss


    Role In Weight Loss

    Moringa leaves are low in fat and highly nutritional. Because they are packed with so many nutrients, they offer dieters a healthy alternative to eating many higher calorie foods, according to the Moringa Garden Circle. Moringa leaves provide 42 percent of the recommended daily minimum requirement for protein, and 125 percent of the recommended daily minimum requirement for calcium. The B vitamins in moringa leaves also help you digest and convert foods to energy and may increase your metabolism, according to Moringa leaves may be eaten raw, cooked or taken as a tea, making them a convenient food and nutrition source. Most evidence pertaining to moringa leaves and weight loss is anecdotal, however, so always consult your health care professional before using moringa leaves for weight loss.

    The moringa’s role in weight loss efforts may be chiefly attributable to the plant’s low-fat, high-nutrient qualities that make it an acceptable, low-calorie substitute for many other foods. Moringa is also high in Vitamins B1, B2 and B3, which your body needs to convert food to energy instead of storing it as fat, according to the Moringa Tree of Life organization


    Always remember that water is very important in transporting the nutrients from the herbs to the cells and it is also important in transporting the toxins and fat away from the cells.Drinking lots of water is extremely important in loosing and maintaining weight,


      Read more about about staying healthy here !! you deserve it !! And remember that using herbs for weight loss is how nature intended it to be.

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  1. I discovered more a new challenge on this fat reduction issue. One particular issue is a good nutrition is extremely vital any time dieting. A huge reduction in bad foods, sugary meals, fried foods, sweet foods, pork, and whitened flour products can be necessary. Holding wastes parasitic organisms, and contaminants may prevent objectives for shedding fat. While a number of drugs momentarily solve the challenge, the awful side effects will not be worth it, and they also never supply more than a short-lived solution. It is just a known idea that 95% of celebrity diets fail. Many thanks sharing your thinking on this blog site.

  2. Thanks for your post.great points

  3. Thanks for the post. My partner and i have generally noticed that almost all people are wanting to lose weight because they wish to show up slim in addition to looking attractive. Nonetheless, they do not often realize that there are many benefits for losing weight additionally. Doctors insist that over weight people are afflicted by a variety of diseases that can be perfectely attributed to their own excess weight. Fortunately that people who are overweight plus suffering from several diseases can reduce the severity of their illnesses by losing weight. You possibly can see a gradual but identifiable improvement in health while even a small amount of weight-loss is achieved.

  4. green tea diet pills, all though some diet pills contain harmful elements, not all diet pills are bad. Diet pills made from herbs can have several benefits aside from weight loss. Some of these herbal diet pills come from plants such as nettle, green tea, and dandelion. Green tea diet pills is an herb popularly used in making diet pills. Green tea is derived from the plant Carmellia sinensis, the same plant made in concocting black and oolong tea. The process of making green tea makes it different from the other Carmellia sinensis teas. Because green tea is only mildly steamed and then dried, a majority of the beneficial antioxidants present in green tea remain intact. Green tea has been known to have several health benefits. Certain substances in green tea can effectively stop cancer cells from going. Green tea’s catechin polyphenols also acts as effective antioxidants that can kill harmful free radicals that cause aging. Green tea has also been known to boost the immune system. At the University of Geneva, American and Swiss scientists were able to find that green tea has several weight loss benefits like increasing metabolism, thermogenesis, and suppressing fat intake. The results of their study became the basis for using green tea as a diet pill ingredient. Diet Pills from Green Tea Dieticians say that weight loss is achieved in two ways: reduce the intake of calories and increase energy expenditure.

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