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  • Best Preparation of Herbal Teas (E-BOOK)

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    Mar 21

    Finally there is an E-BOOK that will help you to prepare the best herbal remedies for illnesses.This E-Book tells about the benefits of herbs and the best ways to prepare the mixtures and teas for healing. Most times the correct herbs are being used but are used incorrectly , therefore the best results are not achieved and the herbs are not as effective as they should be.

    Best Preparation of herbal remedies- E BOOK

    This E-BOOK tells the best ways to use herbs like the SOURSOP LEAVES with the barks,The GUINEA HEN WEED with the roots and other herbs.You will learn how to steep a cup of tea the correct way. It also goes in detail ways to prepare teas for prevention and ways to prepare teas for cancers.

    The SOURSOP Leaf Tea instruction in this E-BOOK was used by a woman in Jamaica who had stage 4 Lymphatic cancer.She used this exact method for two months and after using the Soursop leaves tea everyday, for two months,she is cancer Free.

    Best Preparation of herbal remedies- E BOOK

    This E-BOOK is very short and contains just what you need to know.It is very important to read for prevention and for those suffering with cancer.Send one to your love ones and get one for you.Everyone should keep this information,it definitely will come in handy .After you purchase the E-BOOK it will be sent to you,simply download and print.You get this book immediately to read.


    Best Preparation of herbal remedies- E BOOK

2 Responses to “Best Preparation of Herbal Teas (E-BOOK)”

  1. I ordered two of the books afew weeks back and I have not received them yet?

  2. CJamaica said on

    Hi Trish,

    The books you ordered are e-books which you have to download and read online or print off to read.I did send an email when I saw the order for two books explaining what they were,but I never got a response. I will be happy to give you a refund due to the misunderstanding.Thanks for your support and I do value you as a great customer.

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