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  • Jamaican herbs for Fallopian Tubes (clearing)/Infertility

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    Aug 15

    Fallopian tubes clearing is a common,successful practice by Herbalists in Jamaica.

    Blockage in the fallopian tubes is a common cause for infertility. A blocked fallopian tube could be caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis or fibroid tumors in the uterus. You may not know you have a blocked fallopian tube until you try to conceive, because there are no obvious signs or indications. Your doctor may perform a hysterosalpingography or a sonohysterography to see any blockages. You could get surgery to correct the problem, but there are also some herbal remedies that can be used to relieve a blocked fallopian tube.


    In some instances the uterus is not able to empty it’s entire contents every menstrual cycle. Some imbalances that may show up when this is happening are PMS, cramps during your period, brown blood/dark blood/purple blood during menstruation, blood clotting during menstruation, endometriosis, PCOS, absence of menstruation, long cycles (longer than normal), or bleeding less than 4 days per cycle.If the uterus is not completely cleansed every cycle, old stagnant blood remains.In order for the uterus to function at it’s best, it requires proper circulation. With proper circulation the communication loop between the uterus and ovaries with the endocrine system is able to function smoothly. This is necessary for proper hormonal balance.Herbs used to cleanse the uterus and balance hormones are:

    How Herbs Unblock Fallopian Tubes

    Certain herbal remedies work by reducing inflammation and irritation in the fallopian tubes. Active substances found in these herbs can help to soften or break down scar tissue and adhesions and dissolve cell debris and mucus plugs. They also decrease inflammation and remove scar tissue caused by an ectopic pregnancy or by infections such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia and tuberculosis. Herbal remedies are administered by drinking as a tea or tonic, swallowing an herbal pill or capsule or by using a tampon containing the herbal medicines. The active substances are then carried by the blood stream to the fallopian tubes.

    A Combination of these teas are used for” clearing the tubes” as old time Jamaicans would say.

    Dog Blood

    Penny Royal


    Rice Bitter

    Shama Macka

    Devil’s horse whip



    Tuna drink


    The tuna is soaked in water(peel off skin) then added to the tea of the other herbs.

    Most Herbalist have the herbs combined ,as it is not always easy for one to find all the herbs at the same time.These herbs have various functions from detoxing the tubes,balancing hormones,clearing infections and tightening muscles.

    The method of Fallopian tubes clearing , using herbs, should should only be used after you have been thoroughly checked out by your physician and given the go ahead to do.


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53 Responses to “Jamaican herbs for Fallopian Tubes (clearing)/Infertility”

  1. I would like to know how to do the fallopian tube clearing . How is the tea prepared. Which combination are used for clearing the fallopian tubes and which gives the best success. I have endo and would like to know please respond soon.

  2. Hello Rhonda,

    We are a website that only informs. We work very closely with a herbalist who makes recommendations.The recommendation for clearing fallopian tubes are most of the herbs listed, combined as a tea . We will be listing our herbalist's products, PURE LIFE HERBS in our products section by Sept.3rd.2011 ,as he has had numerous requests for his herbs to be more accessible.
    However if you choose to get them on your own, the herbs he combined for the Fallopian tube blend are: Dog blood herb,Penny Royal, Vervain, Rice Bitters, Shama Macka, Devil's horse whip and Medina.Boil app. 2 cups water then turn off stove,add 1 tbs.herb(crushed) and keep pot covered for 15 to 20 min .Wish you all the best.

  3. about tea

  4. Hi Tina,good to have you on board ! I did not get your full question '' about tea ''.

  5. to the thought above, do you have to use the fennel? How do you take it for instance how many cups a day? do you take the tuna drink once a day?

  6. how do you take the the formula? How many packages of the tea would I have to buy for a month supply? Is it $5.00 for shipping if you order 3 bags or is it 5dollars plus for each 15.00 dollar bag

  7. Medium pot
    Bring 3 cups of water to boil in a medium-sized pot. Reduce heat to low and wait until the water stops boiling.
    Add 1 table spoon of dried herbs to the water, cover and let simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.
    Stir occasionally. Do not let the water boil, as that may destroy some of the potent compounds in the herbs.
    Strain the herbs out of the hot water. Drink one to three cups of tea a day.
    Continue drinking herb tea on a daily basis. Discontinue use or reduce dosage if adverse effects develop.

  8. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for your post. Approximately three (3) bags of the fallopian tube blend would be enough for one month. The amount for steeping tea is one tbsp.The shipping cost of $5.00 is per order, so if you purchase 3 bags totalling $15 the shipping cost would still be $5.00 .I will send instructions for making the tea in another post..

    About the fennel. It was not a part of the combined herbs the herbalist advised.The fennel and the tuna could be added ,but does not have to.Once a day for the tuna is good.

  9. Is it okay to replace the tuna drink with fish pills )supplements?

  10. Hi Tina, The tuna we refer to on this site is not the fish and does not have omega 3 .Please check the TUNA at This tuna is plant used as a blood cleanser and it removes mucous from the body and helps to rid the body of infections.You can find Tuna listed on our Crazy Jamaica product section on Wednesday Oct 5th (the latest),
    Hope we have answered your question. Please feel free to write in again if you have any further questions.

  11. Hi both of my folloian tubes are blocked,I did the HSG thts the results I really needed a child is there a number for any of the Herbalist also how soon after start drinking the herbs pregnancy can happen awaiting your kind response

  12. Hi Trish,

    Sorry to hear about your tubes.The herbalist does not give direct advice to our readers ,he gives his opinions to Crazy Jamaica on the use of herbs and illnesses. He gave a combination of herbs which we provide on this site,which he has used over the years to help people with this condition,we have provided these herbs on the site (the fallopoian tube blend - ).Always remember herbs,just like regular medication, do not work the same for everyone and cannot be guaranteed to heal or cure any condition,therefore I could not give you a time frame on you being able to conceive.This combination of fallopian tub blend however have been know to help a lot of women to conceive . . It is highly recommended using the tuna while using the herbs.Please keep in touch as we would certainly like to know the path you take to your journey as this will help many women with the same issue.
    All the best.

  13. We are please to announce that shipping in the U.S.A. is free on orders over $50.00 .

  14. Is the herbs only for unblocking the Fallopian tube ??

    What about endometriosis, fibriods and overian cyst??

  15. Hi. I was checking your products out and i must say, i’m really impressed and feel the need to use your products because they sound so helpful. I live in South Africa and i’d like to know where i can get the Fallopian Tubes in my country

  16. Hello Hazel, Thanks for your comment. I am not sure of any place that sells the herbs for the fallopian tube in South Africa, We ship all over so you can try to order online and we can ship to you.

  17. Hazel Mngomezulu said on

    oh and how are the shipping costs?
    How much are the fallopian tube herb and cancer herb products?

  18. Hi Hazel,

    All the information you need can be found here.

    The shipping is $5 under $35.00 and free for orders over $35.00

  19. hi i was wondering if any of these herb isn good for your iron, or hair growth/

  20. valerie wheatle said on

    thats fine! just wanted to know if your product help with low lron or hair growth. or due you have anything that helps with my problem, before i order.

  21. Our Moringa powder is excellent with iron . Also nettles is a major product for hair care.

  22. Moringa is your magic herb.

  23. Hi Valrie,

    The moringa leaves or powder is your miracle herb . Read more about it here.

    All the best.

  24. Greetings. How long do I need to drink the before I start seeing a desired affect? I would like to have a HSG which is an X-ray of my uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries. They will inject a dye to check for patency. The last time I did this test they could only go as far as 2-3cm.

  25. Hi We,

    The fallopian tube blend is a natural herbal blend and will react different with each person. Herbs have different reaction with each person according to the condition each person is in.Usually after one month one might see a change, however there is never any guarantee of cure or time it will take.

    Crazy Jamaica


  26. hi friend how are you doing i saw the herbs treatment on the website and i started it today i hope i will work for me as i did a HSG four times already and also a sugary in 2011 January i was told that both my tubes were black i am 39 yers old and have being trying for yres i both the herbs in jamaica as i am livening in jamaica the once i get is the bush from the market is that ok for me to take i did boil them let me know if i am doing the right thing please ok one love thanks

  27. Hello Friend,

    These herbs mentioned on the site have helped many with clearing fallopian tubes.Remember also to soak the tuna leaves in water and drink like water.I however was concerned with you buying the herbs from the market. I have no problem with buying goods from the market,but the herbs I have seen on display at the market are filled with dust and in an environment that is not very clean. The main purpose of many of these herbs is to remove inflammation and build up in the body. We therefore will have to be very careful that we do not add to this problem. Make sure that the herbs you use are packaged in a sterile environment or picked and bagged in a clean bag by you or someone you know. Purelife Herbs have now opened the Jamaican store. It is 10-12 Bellroad Kingston 11.( 828-0001)

  28. is there any side effect to the treatment or its ok do i set the tuna and drink it alone

  29. That is correct about the tuna. The herbs are ok only if you are NOT PREGNANT. Please remember that each individual may react differently to different herbs as with regular medications. Stop using if you see any allergic or unusual reactions .

  30. Hello,

    I'm interested in purchasing Fallopian Tubes Formular however, it's out of stock. Could you please let me know when you will be getting it back in stock?

    Thank you,

  31. We will have Fallopian tubes back in stock in one week . That is by the 29th Jan. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  32. hi good morning to you i send you a message to let you know that i started taking the herb and i want to know if it is ok to take the one i buy at the market it is the bush please let me know thank you

  33. Good day,

    Yes it is ok to take the herbs from the market,as long as they are properly washed , clean and properly dried.

  34. do you have the herb in tea bags are pills or the bush is ok i need to know as i only take one drink per day so help me to do it right please thank you

  35. I take it you mean the fallopian tube blend. We will have the pills very soon. The loose leaves are what we currently have at this time and you may take it twice per day. Morning and evening.

  36. Yes we do have the pills and tea bags in the soursop leaves , the guinea hen weed and others.

  37. ologun abiodun said on

    please how can i get this herbal clearing fallopian tube and how much does it cost.please i need it badly

  38. you can find in in the store at

    Fallopian blend and tuna powder.You can purchase them separate or together.

  39. Missy K said on

    Can the dog blood alone works and how do u go about preparing it?

  40. Yes the dog blood alone can work for some situations like menstrual cramps,and mild blockages. however for more severe cases, more herbs should be added.

    For steeping herbs.

    All the best

  41. Hello, pls how can I get this products in Nigeria. Thanks

  42. We ship to Nigeria.

  43. Hi, I would like you to address Valrie’s question. I share a similar concern about endometriosis and fibriods. Which herbs are best. Thanks much

  44. Hi Dainty,

    Could you post the question again ? I am not seeing the one from Valrie.

  45. hello reading about these herbs and i would like to buy some where in Mandeville, Jamaica i can shop for your herbs? please .

  46. Hi Kay,
    Call us at 876-828-0001

  47. Excellent Information.

  48. Picamilon said on

    I have never heard about those miracle herbs

  49. how do i get the product shipped to Nigeria

  50. Sorry we do not ship to Nigeria at this time.

  51. if you are drinking herbs ,and miss your period for the first month will the drink afect the fetus.

  52. What herbs are you drinking Marie ?
    Stop drinking all herbs immediately .

  53. marie said on

    im talking about the fellopion tubes mixtue

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