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  • (White cotton bush) -(Shama Macka) -(Pimento)- popular Jamaican herbs

      White Cotton Bush.(GOSSYPIUM)

    A number of Gossypsium species occur in Jamaica and it is probable that all are similarly employed.
    The leaves are used to make a decoction for colds. In the days of Browne and Lunan, an emulsion of the seeds
    was similarly employed, while it was also thought to be of use for dysentery. An infusion of the leaves was used
    for diarrhoea and as an application for insect bites. The oil was stated to remove spots and freckles and the
    leaves steeped in vinegar were applied for headaches. Cotton root bark is said to be used in Africa as an
    emmenagogue and abortifacient. It has a weak ergot-like action. A leaf infusion is used for dysentery. The root
    bark is said to contain resin and a small amount of essential oil and vitamin E. Among other compounds


     Shama Macka (mimosa pudica)
    The root. particularly in combination with plants such as Desmodium sp. and Achyranthes indica is used
    to make tea for colds. It contains 10 per cent tannin. The plant is also said to be used for gonorrhoea and as a
    sedative. In Africa a leaf decoction is used for dysentery, as a tonic, and as an application for guinea worm.                                                                              —————————————————————–

     Pimento: Allspice.
    This species produces the well-known spice, which is used in Jamaica in the preparation of the liqueur
    pimento dram. This has some reputation for the relief of stomach-ache and painful menstruation.





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