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  • (Peri-winkle)- (Juba bush)-(Hog plum) Jamaican herbs

     Periwinkle: Ram Goat Rose: Brown Man’s Fancy; Old Maid.(Vinca Rosea L)

    This plant enjoys a widespread reputation in the treatment of diabetes. It is so used in Jamaica, the
    Grenadines, and in Africa. Watt and Breyer-Brandwijk consider that most investigations of this claim have
    shown negative results and that any advantage obtained can be ascribed to a weak digitalis and purgative action.
    The plant is said to contain an alkaloid vincarosin which is a cardiac poison. In Jamaica it is also used as tea for
    colds. The white variety is used for high blood pressure


     Juba’s Bush. (Iresine Paniculata Kuntze)

    Said to be used for colds, pain in the bowels and colic and as a drink for a woman in
    childbirth. For the latter purpose it is made into tea with Piper nigrinodum, salt, and a few drops of whisky. In
    other cases either a tea or the juice is used. Steggerda says it is used also for drops


     Hog Plum.  (Spondias Monbin L)

    Beckwith says that the buds are chewed and the juice swallowed or they are boiled for tea in the
    treatment of colds. while Barham mentioned an infusion of bark and leaves for oedema. In Africa the bark,
    leaves, and fruit are used medicinally in cases of coughs, fever, constipation, yaws. gonorrhoea, tapeworms.
    children’s stomach troubles. and as tea and lotion in childbirth. The bark contains tannins and gum-resin.






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