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  • Jamaican herbs(chicken weed)-(search mi heart)-(pepper elder)


    Wild Sage.
    Used to make tea as a general beverage for colic, biliousness. constipation, fever and for the blood’. It is
    also used, ‘rubbed up’, as an application to scratches, especially for a baby. It may also be used for skin
    complaints such as eczema. In Africa a number of Salvia species are used for these purposes. In Jamaica it is
    considered to be good for night sweats.


    Search-my-heart.(Rytidophyllum Tomentosum)
    Used as a general drink for  – HEART, ASTHMA, MUCOUS CONGESTION, STOMACH PROBLEMS, and for colds.

    It is from the family Gesneriaceae and it is one of the traditional aromatic herbs that really has a place in Jamaican history.   The main parts used are the leaves.

    Health benefits

    Search-me-heart is an excellent medicinal herb to treat problems of the stomach, colds, pains in the chest and the heart.  The leaves may be made into a decoction to treat these ailments.



     Pepper Elder.

    The young stem and leaves of this species provide a decoction for flatulence and, according to
    Steggerda, serve as a tonic for the blood. Browne says the root is sudorific, diaphoretic and good for dropsy,
    and that the leaves and shoots were used in baths and fomentations. The fruits provide an alternative to commercial pepper.





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