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  • Jamaican herbs-(strong back)-(worm grass)-(tamarind)

      Strong Back.(cuphea parsonia)

    Can be used with marigold for
    menstrual pain. Grisebach refers to Cuphea species as being ‘acrid medical plants. Used as a  very popular tonic in Jamaica’. The strong back is said to improve sexual functions both in men and women and helps with in men.


     Pink Root; Worm Grass; (spigelia anthelmia)
    This is used for worms, especially in small children. Beckwith says that a few drops of turpentine are
    added to the tea made from the plant. The mode of administration as given by Browne is as follows:. ‘two moderate handfuls’ of the fresh or dry plant are boiled in two quarts of water until reduced to one quart. The strained decoction is sweetened and a little lime juice added. Adult dose:- half a pint at bed-time for two or three days or smaller doses every six hours for 36 to 48 hours. For children smaller doses. The medicine is to be

    followed by a laxative such as senna or rhubarb. Browne also claims that the plant induces sleep almost certainly in an equal degree with opium; but the eyes seem distended and appear bright and sparkling after the sleepy effects are over’. Similar use is made of the herb in Africa. It contains the alkaloid spigeline and has been
    used medicinally in Europe since the mid-eighteenth century.



    Tamarind.  ( Tamarindus Indica)

    The pulp of the tamarind fruit is used in Jamaica in the making of sweetmeats, in chutneys and to
    prepare a cooling drink. It is known and used as a laxative and to prepare a gargle for sore throat. The pulp has a
    considerable organic acid content of which the principal constituents are tartaric acid-free and as potassium
    salts-and malic acid. The presence of citric acid seems doubtful. The tree also produces a gum containing
    galactan. The leaves are made into a tea for treatment of measles. In Africa the pulp or leaves are used to make
    poultices for sore.





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