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  • Jamaican herbs used for – Low sex drive

    Both males and females reject advances from their partners on occasion fairly equally, but females are more known for refusing sex. The pressures of today’s fast-paced existence have taken their toll on many aspects of life, negatively impacting the environment, health of the population, and familial, friend, and workplace relationships.

    If you want to increase sexual desire and have a higher libido and more satisfying sex, the good news a the combination of herbs can be taken by men and women and are proven to increase libido…

    While there are differences in the inputs that govern men’s and women’s sex drive there are more similarities than differences.

    Herbal plants are capable of assisting, usually by initiating a change in your body’s chemical balance, such as increasing your body’s production of testosterone, the “male” hormone that functions in both men and women to create your body’s sexual response.

    Most of these herbs are more effective when taken consistently over a period of time. Within a few weeks of taking them, you ought to gradually begin to notice a change in your sexual response, increasing your sexual pleasure.


    Sarsaparilla– contains steroidal saparins which are thought to mimic the action of some human hormones. It is used as a supportive tonic to the male reproductive system and is thought to promote healthy routine production of testosterone and progesterone. It has also been studied for its ability to support prformance..

    OTHER HERBS to build up libido and aid in this condition are:


    Horny goat weed

    Chaney root



    Damaina/Ram Goat Dash 


     Bois Bonde





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