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  • OXTAIL-A favourite Jamaican food


    3 lbs oxtail
    2 med. onions
    2 med carrots
    app 12 pimento seeds (crushed)
    5 cloves garlic
    1/2 tbs. sugar
    1 scotch bonnet pepper
    2 tbs. soy sauce
    salt to taste
    2 tbs all purpose seasoning
    1 tbs garlic powder
    1 can butter beans


    Purchase oxtail cut in small pieces. Season with salt,garlic powder,and all purpose seasoning.Put in refrigerator for app.1 hour or until ready to cook.Add about three tbs cooking oil to skillet ,stir in chopped onions,garlic,pimento seeds and scotch bonnet pepper.Saute for 1 to two minutes to release the flavours,put onion mixture aside.
    Add more cooking oil to skillet and allow to heat.Brown oxtail on each side then throw off excess oil from pan.Leave the oxtail in pan and add 2 cups of water,onion mixture and soy sauce,cover pan and allow to cook until meat is tender( add water when necessary).Add carrots and sugar then allow to cook for a further 10 minutes, then add the drained can of butter beans and allow to cook for another ten minutes. The butter beans will help to form a nice gravy for the oxtail stew.

    For a faster cooking time and a more tender stew, it is good to invest in a pressure cooker.If you have a pressure cooker,after browning the oxtail in a skillet,transfer meat,onion mixture,2 cups water and soy sauce to pressure cooker. Pressure for 15 minutes,then transfer back to skillet and add carrots and sugar ,then the butter beans as instructed before.



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