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  • Negril-Great Jamaica vacation destination with seven miles of pure white sand

    Attractions in Negril,for your Jamaica vacation.

    Marguaritaville Bar & Grill
    Negril 7 Mile Beach, Norman Manley Boulevard, Westmoreland
    Fabulous place to hang out during the day and a great place to dance the night away. This place is perfect for anyone looking for exciting entertainment, a lively atmosphere and great drinks. By day, patrons can take in local and international sporting events on the big screen TVs that surround the open-air seaside bar or enjoy the latest reggae tunes from a CD Jukebox.

    Ricks Cafe
    West End Cliff, Negril
    Phone (876)-9570380
    A must visit when in Negril, an ideal place to enjoy dinner on the cliffside while gazing at the most spectacular sunset you will ever see. Tourists from around the various resort town make this apart of their must do while in the island.Enjoy free tequila shots, live reggae and dancing at nights while in the day watch daring males make death defying leaps from great heights into the sea below. A great place to hang out during the day .


    Negril's beautiful sunset

    Magic, pure magic! If you hear anyone mention any three of Jamaica’s attractions, chances are the famousNegril Sunset, viewed from Rick’s Cafe will be one.

    And this is where you get to lavish on one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The 7 miles of beautiful white sandbeaches! [Ricks Cafe: 876-957-0380]


    Sunshine Shopping Mall
    Negril Village, Negril
    Sunshine Shopping Mall offers a number of shops offering Jamaican craft items, clothing and soveniers for friends and families. There is a large supermarket which caters to the locals and to visitors who has self-catering accommodation. There is an inexpensive internet cafe offering broadband servies and excursion tours on the ground floor. On the second floor is a fast food shop which sells pizza and local dishes. From here you have a superb view of negril beach. Located a couple of meters from Negril round-a-bout heading towards the West End Cliffs.

    Norman Manley Boulevard
    Negril, Westmoreland
    Negril, Jamaica is basically a one-street town divided in two by the South Negril River, with Long Bay to the north and West End to the south. The apex is Negril Village, which lies immediately south of the river and is centered on a small roundabout from which Norman Manley Boulevard leads north, West End Road leads south, and Sheffield Road goes east and becomes the A”, then leads to Savanna-la-Mar, 19 miles away. According to the picture the 7 mile beach is to the left. Accommodation, entertaiment bars, internet cafes and shoppings offering excursion and watersports lined both sides.

    Rockhouse Bar
    West End Cliff
    Now that Ricks Cafe your best choice for entertainment is at the Rockhouse Hotel. Enjoy cliffside dining and watch the sun set in the horizon (a must thing to do if you are in Negril). Watch a movies projected onto a whitsceen in the lounge area or or enjoy table games from sunken sofa seats laid around for your comfort. There is open air bar serving up all type of drinks for your particualar taste.

    Negril 7 Mile Beach
    Runs parallel to the Norman Manley Boulevard showcases a mirade of small and luxury hotels, food shacks, bars, resturant and entertainment spots.  Jamaican beaches



    Errol's Sunset: Pirate's Paradise Photo #1 Errol’s Sunset: Pirate’s Paradise
    Guesthouse with fifteen rooms, restaurant and bar on Negril’s seven mile beachStarting at US $45 Per Night>> Click For Details & Pictures

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    Royal Palm Reserve
    Telephone # (876)-382-6422
    Wooden plank walkways makes a continous loop throughout the Great Morass a large swamp land 2 miles widein which many of Negril’s wildlife resides amongst the dense mangroves. You can see the endangered Doctor Birds, herons, egrets, black parakeets, numerous butterflies.

    Booby Cay
    A small island off the negril Beach where some of the setting of 2000 Leagues under the Sea was filmed.

    Negril Hills Golf Course
    Sheffield, Negril
    Phone 957-3890
    Located 3 miles east of Negril is a 18-hole golf course borders the Great Morass. Caddies, golf carts are available.

    Kuyaba Bar and Restuarant
    Norman Manley Boulevard. The restaurant is one of few on the Negril Beach which offers wonderful cuisine at affordable prices. Enjoy cocktails and various liquors in hammock style or deep-seated leader chairs arranged around the bar or enjoy a variety of European, American and Local dishes in a tree house setting. The resturant has a jungle-like theme with expensive furnishing and lighting to provide the right ambiance. Seating is arranged for guests for maximum view of the setting sun in the horizon.


    Negril Yoga Centre
    Norman Manley Boulevard
    Offers yoga classes and accommodation. Setting is in a thai-style building located in lush gardens.


    Just Natural
    West End Cliffs.
    Enjoy healthy eating and on a budget then enjoy meals served in a garden like setting. This is for the adventurous who likes learning more about he Jamaican culture and cuisine. A wealth of information is available to you through your waitress who is bubble soul. She will provide you with all the information you need about Negril and whats happening in Jamaica.
    Alfreds Ocean Palace
    Negril Beach
    Offers day and nightly entertainment.

    Time Square Shopping Mall
    Norman Manley Boulevard
    Offers duty free shopping and dining. Shop for designer name watches, jewellry, bags and clothing.

    Mayfield Falls
    Glenbrook, Westmoreland
    Fabulous River Walk begins with bamboo bridge crossing into the wonderland of Bamboo Village, Trek through river currents, splash in 7 natural Jacuzzis, romp up 21 waterfalls-3\4miles in distance…Immeasurable fun and memories!

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