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  • Jamaican Herbs on a regular basis

    The herbs I write about are used, over and over again by Jamaicans.I am sure they are grown in other parts of the world, however these herbs have become so much a part of our lives that we claim them as JAMAICAN HERBS. We own them so much that we re-name them with ”JAMAICAN NAMES”. Herbs like  SHAMA MACKA, DOG BLOOD ,GUINEA HEN WEED , RICE BITTER, PENNY ROYAL , STRONG BACK  etc. are a few of the herbs we adopted.



    Herbs like  Cerasee , Mint ,Aloe Vera ,Calalo, Fennel ,Bizzi and sour sop leaves are used on a regular basis in Jamaican homes.



    At the beginning of every school term most children are given a dose of worm medicine,followed by a bitter  herb for cleansing.This day is feared by children because the meals for that day is always a plain broth until parents are sure that parasites are passed out.



    Cerasee tea is a bi-weekly or a monthly drink for some Jamaicans or if they become dizzy or weak.

    Mint ,bizzy and wild basil are regular teas in some Jamaican homes and  calalo is a popular breakfast served .

    Jamaican men believe in the herbal tonics for” STAMINA”  or as an aphrodisiac.These tonics may include Donkey weed, strong back, medina, sea weed and iris moss.

    Tuna leaves and castor oil are very popular as hair treatment. Tuna is very effective in treating dandruff and castor oil used to treat dry and brittle hair.

    Making the ‘ USE OF HERBS a way of life is the safer way to live,which is keeping as close to nature as possible.






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