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  • Jamaican Men-Their Passion and Love

    Jamaican men are admired throughout the world. This is no secret , the men of the small Island in The  Caribbean are so warmly received and noticed.Could this be a result of the confidence they display ? or the strength that is clearly seen within them? Could it be the leadership qualities that most are gifted with ?or maybe,just maybe that sexy low toned accent that has heads turning when they open their mouths. Jamaican men clearly stand out,because of their many great qualities and talents.

    PASSION OF JAMAICAN MEN-Jamaican men are very passionate about their various interests. Although passion is an individual trait ,Culture plays an important roll in certain behavior.

    FAMILY-is closest to a Jamaican man’ heart.His mother,father,siblings,wife,significant other and children are placed at the front of his life.He will never sit back and allow anyone to hurt or to disrespect the  people in his life.Jamaican men hold a dear place in their hearts always for their mothers, and feels like they have the responsibility to take care of her as long as she is alive. Mama’s cooking is usually a comforting treat.The bond between mom and sons are usually inseparable and ladies who come into these men’s live should embrace the relationship between the man and his mother or this could be the beginning of a long battle and unhappiness.

    Jamaican men protect their wives and children like a hawk over her young one.Their wives are like a trophy placed on a high shelf ,that can only be looked at but not touched by anyone else. Their children are their little jewels that causes sparkles in their eyes and are constantly protected.

    HIS VEHICLE-Jamaican men take great passion in the vehicle of their choice. No matter the cost,once they own that vehicle ,it is treated with dignity and pride.He spend a great deal of time and money on his vehicles ,ensuring that it is properly maintained and looks its best.The emphasis are usually placed on ,the tires ,the rims,the music,engine upgrade and the interior design.The  Jamaican men are usually very detailed in cleaning and maintaining their vehicles.

    HIS BOYS OR HIS BUDDIES- Jamaican men need time with their best friends and buddies.Usually this is the time they let their guards down and become boys,letting go of the stress and demands that comes with their various responsibilities,This time with the guys are usually spent with a few beers,liquors and food.The guys’ fun time sometimes include watching a game of some sport,playing dominoes or cards or just hanging out to talk.The atmosphere is usually filled with humor , laughter and carefree conversations.The Jamaican man is usually loyal to his close buddies and often forms a brother like bond with his friends for years.

    ADMIRATION OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN-Jamaican men enjoys admiring beautiful women. He is usually never afraid to let her know he admires her beauty,even if he is already in a serious relationship.He however never mixes fun admiration with real love.Love to a Jamaican man is taken very seriously.A Jamaican man does not use the words ” I LOVE YOU’ loosely.Women can know if a Jamaican man really loves them by his actions and he definitely will tell you when he is in love with you.Another way he displays his feeling of being in love is that he showers you with undivided attention and care.Admiration from a Jamaican man can be forceful and can be easily be mistaken for love,but if taken slowly a woman can detect his real motive quite easily.

    REAL LOVE –  Although love comes at various age,guys usually feel deeply for a girl as early as 16-20years old(sometimes even earlier).At this stage, he feels that this is the girl of his dream and wife to be.At this early stage ,girls are usually a bit more flirty and is enjoying the sudden admiration and attention she is getting from various admirers.This behavior many times lead to broken hearts and hurt for the guys .The guy then move forward guarding his heart ,feeling he can join in the game of flirting ,while playing it safe,not getting seriously involved in one relationship.The guy then begins this pattern of flirting and is then branded as ”A PLAYER”.This player label is worn for sometime and often times lead to major issues later in a more serious  relationship.While some Jamaican men continue the player attitude for their whole lives,most men mature and settle down, after going around the block a few times or as they would say “When they find the right lady”.

    The Jamaican man likes the woman to take things slow at first.He put his woman to the test by her actions during their early dating stage.The Jamaican man even though very modern ,is very old fashioned when it comes on to a serious relationship.Even though he might be around the block a few times himself , he does not take very seriously ,a woman who has been around the block a few times or is still going around the block,This is a no-no for Jamaican men.Their test in the beginning is to prove that their woman will not be easily lured in by another man.He likes a little resistance and mystery from a woman in the beginning of a relationship,therefore sex on the first or second date and the woman’s entire life story, very rarely would lead to marriage or a very serious relationship.The Jamaican man looks for a caring attitude and stable character in a woman during the early dating stage to know if she might be the right one for him .

    The Jamaican man will marry the woman he falls in love with. This woman usually is confident,a woman who makes him feel secure in the relationship,a woman who gives him a lot of attention and shows interest in the security of his finances,who gives him his space when he has that need ,who respects him and allows him to be himself,who is family oriented  and who stands by his side through thick and thin.

    A woman will know if the Jamaican man really loves her, when he starts to include her in his plans for the future.Another tell tale sign is when he takes her to meet his family and close friends.A major sign is when he starts confiding in her about his feelings,finances,failures and achievements. When he starts including her in his fun activities and his daily life is wrapped around her,then she is in a great place ,in his heart ! The woman can also know if she is taken very seriously when she is asked to play a more active roll in his daily life. The Jamaican man shows the woman he loves her by putting her before his personal feelings and even before his friends and family.He is certainly in love with the woman when he refers to her as is woman or his wife. Usually the Jamaican man gets very relaxed around the woman he loves , he feels he can trust her and also be himself without harsh criticisms. As He becomes more comfortable  he says he loves her more frequently.The guessing is out of the question when she sees the passion in his eyes as he expresses his love to her  with great admiration.

    COMMITMENT – The next step with the Jamaican man is commitment. This is not a very easy step for him as he takes it very seriously and sees it as a ”till death do we part” step. He usually shows with an engagement ring or a marriage proposal.However ladies some Jamaican men might need a little reminder in that direction as not all are hopelessly romantic. Our article ,  How to stay married to a Jamaican Man” reveals important steps how to have a long and lasting love , and how to enjoy heaven while on earth living with a Jamaican man.


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