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  • Why do Jamaicans excel ?Food for thought on the eve of celebrating Jamaica’s 50th year of independence

    ”Why do Jamaicans excel” is a question that many people ask. The answers can be a great topic for discussion,as there can be many .

    Jamaica is a tiny Island in the Caribbean,  with less than three million                    (3,000,000)people occupying the breathtaking paradise of approximately 4243 sq. miles. Jamaica has had some amazing achievements , topping the world in numerous events and sectors.


    Reggae Music became high on the world’s charts after it was taken abroad by ‘Legends’  Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and others others who were brave enough to introduce the world to something new ,but confident enough to know that they believed in reggae music, so that was good enough.This bold act ,opened the doors for many other reggae artists for whom the world keeps craving for more .Reggae is vibrant,provocative and addictive music ,that has swept waves worldwide.


                 Jamaican beauties have been outstanding throughout the years.To date Jamaica has produces three Ms. World winners and runners up.This country stands at third place in the world for the amount of beauties to have won the Ms. World title .Jamaica’s first Ms.World winner was Carole Crawford in 1963,Cindy Breakspear in 1976 and Lisa Hanna in 1979.Debbie Campbell was second runner up in 1979 and Sandra Cunningham second runner up  1981 .



                Jody-Ann Maxwell topped the world in the spelling Bee championship in 1998.



                Colin Powell , Jamaican born.Served in one of the highest position in the U.S.A. as Secretary of State from 2001 -2004



                  World renown boxer Trevor Berbick,  became the world champion in the heavy weight division in the year 1986. Mike McCallum another Jamaican became the word champion for the middle weight division in 1984.



                      The track team has done Jamaica more than proud and has had Jamaicans beaming with pride many times.This trend started some 60 years ago with Arthur Wint and Herb McKenley in the men’s 4×400 m relay.These men showed Jamaicans that they can win at any cost. Athletes like Merline Ottey,Donald Quarrie,Grace Jackson,Veronica Campbell,Shelly-Ann Fraser,Kerron Stewart and many others have brought home gold medals and set Jamaica high on the scale as ”the country to beat”.

                    Asafa Powell gave Jamaica an outstanding performance and brought home the gold as well a the word record in 2005. He held the world’s record in the 100 m of 9.77 seconds then 9.74 seconds between June 2005 -May 2008.

                    Usain Bolt in 2008 acquired the world record of 9.72 seconds in the 100 m race .He went on to top his own record in the olympics  at 9.59 and has the record of being the first man to set the world record in three events (100 m,200 m and 4x100relay)at a single olympics.Usain is currently the world record holder for both the 100m and the 200m races.

    Jamaica  a small country,has produced many outstanding achievers.Many can argue and say it is share luck,but good luck rarely strikes twice.There has to be something different about Jamaicans and the way they are brought up.



    It is eminent that Jamaicans are highly competitive. A closer look into their everyday lives will reveal that from very early competition is introduced.Many Jamaicans begin school at the tender age of two and school in every grade there is competition.At the end of every semester and year a test or exam is given to see what place the student falls in the class,whether it is first,second,third or down the line.An award is usually given to the higher achievers. To attend  high school ,students compete for a place to get into the particular school they desire.There are also annual competitions like sports day,song and speech festival competition,spelling bee ,school’s challenge quiz,football competition among schools,track and field  between schools and the list goes on.


               Jamaicans have what you could call a built in determination to win, to be first and to achieve. Regardless of the many hardship that Jamaicans face, there is always a way to conquer their obstacle.



              Jamaicans celebrate every chance they get. They make a party out of everything . There are parties for weddings,for funerals ,for someone migrating,for coming home,for graduating,for just being bored. Parties are never out of food ,drinks,dancing and laughter.Jamicans work hard and they play hard.


    Looking through the achievements and the lifestyle of Jamaicans it is really no definite answer to the question ”why do Jamaicans excel” ? It could be any one of the three above,it could also be a combination of all three.One thing for sure is that many Jamaicans do excel and that they do have the three characteristics at some point in their lives.


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